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Big Ben The All Addicts Anonymous way of life is not something you merely read about and think about. It is something you do. This is what you start with!

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Welcome to All Addicts Anonymous

Ken EricThe All Addicts Anonymous Program is a thoroughly tested and proven answer to addiction — but its healing power extends very far beyond that sphere. AAA experience proves that any addict — drunk, drug addict, resenter, smoker, crazy eater, gambler, masturbator, depressive, worrier, liar — can attain spiritual awakening, self-control, sanity, peace, and joy if he or she will go to sufficient lengths in adopting the Four Absolutes, the Twelve Steps, and the Ten Points as a way of life.

In order to succeed in the All Addicts Anonymous way of life — in order to get sober and stay sober, or get clean and stay clean — do the following:

Go to meetings — learn the Four Absolutes, the Twelve Steps, and the Ten Points — practice these principles in all your affairs. Do this, in your own way, in your own time — but do it — and your chances of permanent, life-long recovery are very high — pressing 100%.

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